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Writer's Workshop and a Reader's Delight
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A Place for Original Fiction Writers and Readers
myfeetshowit and married_n_mich set up a community almost two years ago and then never touched it again. The community was supposed to be somewhere original fic writers could go for constructive criticism. Somewhere they could go to bounce plot ideas off others, maybe discuss characterizations, the pacing of a plot, etc. Not only a writer's group, but a reader's one as well.

Now, two years later we've actually started using the community and we've decided to open it up to others who care to join. The community rules are pretty easy. To join you don't need to be a writer, but you must be a commenter. If you are a writer, you must also be a commenter. Basically, if you join you just need to comment on those that have posted.

If this is something you might be interested in go forth and request a membership. Our hope is that it's entertaining to those who read and enlightening to those who write.

Opinions are always welcome.

The only way this will work is if everyone works together.

We've also decided to expand our community a bit. Feel free to talk about craft of writing etc, and writing hooks and cover letters and the like.